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University Of Minnesota
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Technology for Education

   Description    Price    
Brother DCP-1000     $262.14
Brother DCP-1400     $461.12
Brother DCP-8020     $512.36
Brother DCP-8025D     $607.68
Brother HL-1435 Laser Printer B&W     $188.86
Brother HL-1440 Laser Printer     $188.86
Brother HL-1450 Laser printer     $308.61
Brother HL-1850 Laser Printer     $512.35
Brother HL-1870N Laser Printer     $708.96
Brother HL-2460 Laser Printer     $848.36
Brother HL-2460N Laser Printer     $947.26
Brother HL-2600CN Color Laser Printer     $1,550.16
Brother HL-3450CN Color Laser Printer     $3,063.39
Brother HL-4000CN Color Laser Printer     $2,450.94
Brother HL-4200CN Color Laser Printer     $2,042.26
Brother HL-5040 B & W Laser Printer     $237.71
Brother HL-5050 B & W Laser Printer     $308.61
Brother HL-5050LT B & W Laser Printer     $358.66
Brother HL-5070N B & W Laser Printer     $458.74
Brother HL-7050 B & W Laser Printer     $897.21
Brother HL-7050N B & W Laser Printer     $997.30
Brother MFC-3100C Color Inkjet P/S/C/F     $137.61
Brother MFC-3200c Color Multi-Function Center     $195.00
Brother MFC-4800 Laser P/S/C/F     $262.14
Brother MFC-5100C Color Laser P/S/C/F     $188.86
Brother MFC-5200c Color Multi-Function Center     $259.00
Brother MFC-6800 Color Laser P/S/C/F     $366.99
Brother MFC-8500 Laser SF - P/S/C/F     $366.99
Brother MFC-9700 Laser FB - P/S/C/F     $466.48
Brother MFC-8420 Laser FB - P/S/C/F     $563.59
Brother MFC-8820D Laser FB - P/S/C/F     $657.72
Brother MFC-8820DN Laser FB - P/S/C/F     $791.17
Brother Fax565 Plain Paper     $86.38
Brother INTELLIFAX-1270E Plain Paper     $125.11
Brother INTELLIFAX-1575MC Plain Paper     $157.88
Brother INTELLIFAX-1800C Plain Paper     $159.06
Brother INTELLIFAX-3800 Plain Paper     $341.80
Brother INTELLIFAX-4100 Plain Paper     $366.99
Brother INTELLIFAX-4750E Plain Paper     $494.48
Brother INTELLIFAX-5750E Plain Paper     $977.04
Brother INTELLIFAX-775 Plain Paper Fax     $95.33
Brother INTELLIFAX-885MC Plain Paper Fax     $104.86
Brother INTELLIFAX-2800 Plain Paper Fax     $238.66
Brother INTELLIFAX-2900 Plain Paper Fax     $293.47
Brother P-Touch PT-1910 Label Printer     $85.79
Brother P-Touch PT-1180 Label Printer     $38.14
Brother P-Touch PT-1300 Label Printer     $119.00
Brother P-Touch PT-2600 Label Printer     $125.00
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